Linux is an OS, that isn't that common for desktop machines, but is one of the most popular OSs for servers. It's 100 free, fast and secure. It is the most frequently used web server out there and is a part of the LAMP bundle that a lot of script applications, such as Joomla and WordPress, require. LAMP is an abbreviation for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Stable Linux with Apache in Website Hosting

All website hosting accounts bought through us are set up on very efficient web servers running Linux, so you can take full advantage of our swift and secure web hosting services irrespective of the plan that you’ve picked out during the signup process. Additionally, we use an innovative cloud platform, so in lieu of running everything on a single server as most companies do, we have distributed every single service (files, e-mails, databases, etc.) among groups of servers. The results of using this kind of a setup with Linux-powered machines is virtually no downtime, so you're able to get the maximum out of your websites. Also, we use the Apache web server, since this piece of software offers us the swiftness and flexibility required to provide a premium web hosting service on our personalized cloud platform. Each of our shared hosting plans will allow you to run almost any kind of site created with almost any web programming language – PHP, Perl, Python, JavaScript, HTML, and so forth.