SPF, which abbreviates Sender Policy Framework, is an authentication system that aims at preventing the so-called email forging. In simple terms, this means sending some message from one email address and making it appear to be sent from another one with the idea to scam in some manner the individual opening it. In the event that the SPF protection is running for a domain, a record which contains all the mail servers authorized to send messages with addresses in the domain is generated. The record is saved on all DNS servers that route the web traffic internationally, therefore they all can recognize whether an email message originates from a legitimate server or not. The verification is performed at the first server where the e-mail goes through and in the first case the email message is forwarded, whereas in the second one it's discarded and it never gets to the intended recipient. Employing SPF records for your domains will stop all unwanted people from making use of your email addresses for harmful objectives.

SPF Protection in Website Hosting

The SPF protection option is available by default with every single website hosting package that we supply and you will be able to use it with ease so that you can protect the e-mail addresses for any domain name hosted in your account. The service is managed from the Emails section of our outstanding, albeit easy-to-navigate Hepsia Control Panel. All it takes to activate the protection is to type in the IP address of the e-mail server plus its hostname - mail.server.com, for example. The moment the protection is active, only this server will be able to send e-mail messages from e-mails made under the domain that you have selected. Your e-mails may be taken care of by another supplier, but in case that we take care of them together with your website, you may also enable the option for your messages to be sent only if the domain has our MX records. This feature provides you with better security as solely our server will be certified to send out e-mail messages from your mailboxes and you will have improved control. When you have any questions or in case you have any troubles with this service, you'll be able to contact our technical support crew anytime and they will assist you in a timely manner.