What is Moodle?

When you represent an educational organization and also you aspire to make your classes available online, then Moodle should really be your very first choice. Moodle is a web based schooling platform which is specifically designed for instructors and lecturers, who wish to help to make their classes accessible on the www.

For the sake of it’s specific target market, Moodle is designed to be convenient to use by both the instructor as well as the pupil, so that it can be more easily accessible. That’s why you will find such a huge community, focused entirely on developing plugins and themes that broaden Moodle’s main characteristics.

Moodle is a registered trademark of Martin Dougiamas and is not connected with WebberZone Business Hosting Solutions.

Online School Linux Website Hosting Services

In case you administer an online course for students, your web site ought to be consistently available on the www, regardless how many trainees are seeing it all at once. At WebberZone Business Hosting Solutions you’ll find special Online School Linux website hosting services with 99.9% service uptime, guaranteed. Therefore irrespective of what occurs, your website shall be on the web.

All of our Online School Linux website hosting plans additionally include unlimited disk space, limitless data traffic and infinite MySQL storage. To kick–start your educational portal, we furthermore give you 100% free domain name registration or domain transfer. Also, we’ll configure Moodle for your website once you register. Consequently, when you log in inside of your control panel, you will have your Moodle site already available, awaiting you.

A Point & Click Online Control Panel

When you manage a web based course, it’s crucial that you spend as much time as possible on your training course and not on site management. For this reason it’s imperative that you have a control panel that is as easy to use as possible – WebberZone Business Hosting Solutions’s Online Control Panel.

It is built upon our special website hosting platform and it’s meant to function with it specifically. That grants our Online Control Panel a considerable advantage in performance, stability and reliability over other control panels. Moreover, our control panel is packed with applications and bonuses which can help you much better deal with your website. With our File Manager, Domain Manager, Email Manager, Statistics Manager and Databases Manager you will discover how a job such as site supervision turns into something simple, easy and satisfying.